Bostwick Lake Log

Just finished and delivered a new board to Bostwick Lake last night. It's 12'x32"  with a cedar top deck and poplar bottom. THe tail block is made up of cedar cutoffs from the deck and balsa for a little contrast. Took it out for a qiuck spin before handing it off anf I was very pleased with it, great glide, easy handling, stable and pretty quick.
This is the 4th wood SUP I've made now and everyone is as exciting to ride as the first. 
You'll have to bear with the sidways photos, For some reason my wifes camera always transfers them this way and they are not able to be rotated. If any one has a solution to this let me know.



It's been almost a year since I have posted anything on here which is embarassing. But it's been a pretty busy year in the shop. So here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure of projects that have been completed and projects that are in progress. Keep checking in in the future for updates on all the happenings.

These two boards were made this spring for some friends for out on Bostwick Lake, the green one is 10'2"x32" and the blue one is 11'6"x 32 Both boards are a blast on the water!

This is the board I made for my wife, she paddles it at least 3-4 time a week right now. I'm pretty sure she is going to go into withdrawl siezures this winter when  everything freezes over.

This is a Paddle  that I made for a friend in Florida this spring.I made her an 11' Hollow wood SUP this winter. Since she's received it she has paddled with Dolphins, Rays, and all kinds of schools of fish, along with the ocasional surf session on the Gulf.

Also on the work benches right now are 2 paipos a 12' hollow wood paddle board for a customer and an 8-0 single fin for surfing lake michigan this fall. I'll work on putting up pictures in the next few days.

On top of all of that we've been asked to make some paddles for awards to be given at the TC waterman Challenge, which is home to the WPA midwest championships. I feel honored to be able to participate in this event this way.


TC Waterman challenge

Well, the TC Waternamn Challenge and expo went better than expected. we set up our booth around nine am and didn't get done talking with people interested in our work until five that evening! and to finish off the days events we attended a great pig roast! A lot was learned and we heard a lot of the same comments from people, Rhings like, " it's awseome to see some real cradtman ship" or finally, a board not made in China". Tha's definetly a vibe I felt at the expo, people are tired of the same od block of foam popped out of a factory. It was fun to watch people gravitate towards our wood bboards, one lady couldn't quit rubbing her hands done the rails, asked if she needed a minute alone, and I think she considered it. all and all we learned that People want something different, but are still learry on changing to wood, We'll work on that with a few more demo boards availbe for the next one. over time see us growing to a well known shop here in the great lakes by shaping one board at a time just like we do now.

Here are a few pictures from the day

                                               our very first booth, not bad for newcomers

                                                                Future team paddler

                                             Our logo made the awards podium banner
                      mmmm, wood, water and sand, what a perfect comination

Jake out for quick cruise on the bay


Traverse City Waterman's expo

It seems that Standup is catching on here in the great lakes, which is awesome since it's a way to keep the gills wet so far from the ocean. If anyone happens to be in the Traverse city michagan area on August 20th, check out the Traverse city watermans challenge and expo. should be a good time. The family and I are using it as another excuse to go camping and play.


new boards to the lake

Bostwick lake with my two best testers. The blue board is the "bonefish" made of EPS foam with 5.5 ounce fiberglass. the second one is a hollow cedar board with 1 layer of 4 ounce glass.
It's an awsome feeling that never gets old when you can take something you crafted from scratch and see it in action.


Ice board a.k.a Yooper transportation

A friend of mine in on Lake Superior Wanted a way to Keep wind surfing after the ice formed. soo here is what we came up with. Took some reclaimed bamboo flooring and sanded off the finish and milled out some boards to be laminated together, gave it a somewhat surfboard shape and added a maple and bamboo tialblock for some flair. The deck can support the mast for his windsurfer in four different positions and the whole thing will ride on a set of "ice skates made by his highschool shop class that will be fit to a pair of shate board trucks with extended axles.

here are a few picks of the board itself with out the skates or mast. Should have some action shots in the near future and a ride report.